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Director, Adult Autism Spectrum Program at Penn Medicine Associate Professor of Psychiatry Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Edward S. Brodkin, M.D. is the founder and Director of the Adult Autism Spectrum Program at Penn Medicine. Dr. Find doctors who treat Autism in Pennsylvania. Autism. Autism is a developmental disorder that causes difficulty in communicating, interacting and relating to others.

Find doctors who treat Autism near Allentown, PA. Many adults have discovered that adult autism offers an explanation for the challenges that they have experienced throughout their lives. Some may choose to pursue a formal diagnosis for ASD. Adults on the spectrum often find the diagnosis to be a relief, as it gives a name to the feelings of being different that they frequently experience.

Lancaster Pennsylvania Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician Doctors physician directory - Learn about the causes, symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Get tips on improving communication and behavior in children. Tried gastroenterologist but none have experience in dealing with autism. Do you know of a gastroenterologist in the Pennsylvania area or NE we could contact. Most only deal in pediatrics but not for an autistic adult suffering from these problems. We live in NE Pennsylvania.