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As an adult, Levine says problems focusing sometimes caused issues when he was trying to write songs or record in the studio. Super Bowl champ and TV sports commentator Bradshaw says ADHD made. Celebrities take to social media to show Eagles love By PhillyVoice staff The Eagles' celebrity fans are pumped up about the Super Bowl as much as anybody.

We’ve spent plenty of sleepless nights wondering about what it would be like to be famous. To have our names in big bold letters on the silver screen, or to have millions of fans cheering in a stadium to hear an encore both spark our illusions of grandeur, but alas, njwx.info will probably never have a million dollar record deal, or a 10 film movie contract. People love publicized scandals and often celebrity sex tapes are at the core of these never ending gossip news. And come to think about it, it's actually fun to witness a public figure having dirty sex with her partner just like any other open minded chick out there.

During Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show in , a series of super ugly but hilarious photos from her performance hit the web. Despite the singer's publicist asking people to stop reposting the pics, web users had a field day Photoshopping "Unflattering Beyonce" into all kinds of funny situations.