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The English Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed: The English Cocker was bred to find, flush, and retrieve upland game birds during a full day of hunting. The dog is slightly taller than long, compactly built, and short coupled. The English Cocker has a driving, powerful gait that covers ground effortlessly. The coat is of medium length, silky in texture, and either flat or slightly wavy. Available Adults. Please fill out the Calypso Questionnaire and follow up with an e-mail inquiry to [email protected] to inquire about available adults.. Please take a look at the ECSCA rescue njwx.info, check out njwx.info to search for dogs needing rescue near you.. Do you want an English Cocker but are not sure you are up to the high energy, training, housebreaking, leash.

Oct 29,  · English Cocker Spaniel dog breed is medium in size with long ears and a happy temperament. His name Cocker comes from his work to hunt woodcock in England, although English Cocker has also been utilized to hunt a lot of other kinds of birds. English Cocker Spaniel information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of English Cockers and dog breed mixes. Adult English Cockers who aren't familiar with children may do best.

Cocker Spaniel Weight And Sex. American and English Cocker Spaniel bitches are usually smaller than the male dogs, consequently, they also tend to weigh less. Cocker Spaniel Weight And Health. An illness may cause your dog to put on or to lose weight. Adult cocker spaniels for sale to loving homes that don't want to go through the 18 - 24 month puppy stage.