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Each state has programs to help with financial assistance for medical care, health insurance, prescription assistance, medical supplies and equipment, respite care, disease screening, and more. Search by state at for details about what’s available where you live. For example, Alabama has 21 programs offering help with everything Author: Qlinkwireless. When all opportunities for financial assistance have been exhausted and one must pay out-of-pocket for adult diapers, the following is advised. 1) Look for adult diaper coupons. One can search by brand for coupons here. 2) Use a discount prescription drug card. Often times, medical supplies, as well as prescriptions are discounted.

Financial Assistance. Hopelink can help pay your rent during a time of financial need. If you are experiencing a short-term financial crisis due to unexpected expenses – such as medical bills, auto repair or loss of income – Hopelink may be able to help you pay one month’s rent so that you are able to stay in your home. Arapahoe County assists eligible individuals with applying for the following adult financial programs: Aid to the Blind provides financial assistance to low-income people of any age who meet the social security definition of blindness.; Aid to the Needy Disabled provides financial assistance to low-income people over age 18 who have total disability lasting six months or longer that prevents.

These pensions provide veterans with financial assistance up to a minimum monthly income level which is calculated by subtracting their actual income and any unreimbursed medical expenses. Under A&A and Housebound, home care supplies including incontinence supplies are considered unreimbursed medical expenses (UME).