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Hernia Support Underwear and Tops. Hernias are very painful, but they are more manageable with garments from Underworks. With countless options to choose from, you’ve come to the right place for hernia compression underwear that will alleviate pain and discomfort while remaining undetectable underneath your njwx.infoon: SW 47th ST, FL, Hernia support belts protect your incision site and reduce the chances of your hernia recurring. Why this is the Best Umbilical Hernia Binder for Women and Men. Wrapping this hernia garment around your waist only takes seconds and doesn’t require any assistance to secure it. No pesky clasps or buckles!5/5(1).

With offerings in microfiber, cotton, and a cotton/spandex blend, there’s a gynecomastia support garment for any occasion. Hernia issues can lead to great discomfort, but our hernia support garments are made with industry-leading stretch technology that allows you to move freely and tackle whatever you have on your docket. Our medical Location: SW 47th ST, FL, The Flat Pad Hernia Support costs a little more than most. This is due to the intricacy of its design. The garment is not mass-produced in the Far East - it has complex components with precise measurements, and has to be made by experienced surgical seamsters in our factory in Nottingham, England.

Shop our best selling abdominal hernia support garments, belts, and girdles. ContourMD offers support for abdominal hernias for both men and women. Need more information about Hernia? Read this helpful article about Hernia treatment. Various factors influence the choice of height of your Corsinel garment. It depends on stoma location and your abdominal circumference. It also depends on the length of your torso and the size of your hernia. For optimum support and comfort, always ensure that the support garment covers 5/5(1).