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Stem Cell Research is dedicated to publishing high-quality manuscripts focusing on the biology and applications of stem cell research. Submissions to Stem Cell Research, may cover all aspects of stem cells, including embryonic stem cells, tissue-specific stem cells, cancerstem cells, developmental studies, genomics and translational research. May 15, 2019 · Adult intestinal stem cells are located at the bottom of crypts of Lieberkühn, where they express markers such as LGR5 1,2 and fuel the constant replenishment of the intestinal epithelium 1 Cited by: 2.

Adult stem cells are the true gold standard in regenerative medicine. Adult stem cells are the only stem cell type that has shown evidence of success when it comes to patients, and treating patients is supposedly the ultimate goal for stem cell research, certainly the justification for the huge sums of money poured into the field.Author: David A. Prentice. Read the latest research on bioengineered tools to study organ function and advance therapeutic development.

Well over 1 million patients worldwide have been treated with adult stem cells and experienced improved health, based on data gathered by December 2012. Nearly 70,000 adult stem cell transplants were performed worldwide in 2012 alone. Nearly 20,000 adult stem cell transplants were performed in the United States in 2014 alone. Low-Dose Pesticide Mixture Induces Accelerated Mesenchymal Stem Cell Aging In Vitro. Xavier Leveque, et al., STEM CELLS Although the general population is chronically exposed to multiple environmental contaminants such as pesticides, the in vitro results of this study show that a mixture of seven pesticides, frequently detected in food samples, induces on adult mesenchymal stem cells .