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Jun 13,  · SDS is more common in young and middle-aged adults. In people of this age, the unexplained death is known as sudden adult death syndrome (SADS). It can occur in infants as Kimberly Holland. Information for the family and relatives of a young person who has died of Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome – SADS sometimes called sudden adult death syndrome. You may be reading this website because a young relative of yours – perhaps a member of your own family – .

Sudden Death From Cardiac Arrhythmia. Cardiac arrest from arrhythmias is the leading cause of sudden death in adults from natural causes, though it can also affect younger people according to the Cleveland Clinic.A review in the Journal of Electrocardiology notes about 80% of sudden cardiac deaths in the U. S. and worldwide are from cardiac Dr. Vilma Ruddock. Sudden cardiac death occurs most frequently in adults in their mids to mids, and affects men twice as often as it does women. This condition is rare in children, affecting only 1 to 2 per , children each year.

The level of risk of sudden death helps decide on the need for treatment. Those who are statistically at greatest risk of sudden death are people with one or more of the following features: a previous cardiac arrest. blackouts. a very long QT interval on the ECG. sodium channel mutations. young adult women. Most deaths due to cardiac arrest are in older adults, particularly those with coronary artery disease. Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in young athletes, but the incidence of it is unclear. Perhaps 1 in every 50, sudden cardiac deaths a year occurs in young athletes.