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Mar 03,  · Only in comedy films. They have no place in modern medicine. They are poorly tolerated and difficult to toilet in an adult. Surgical intervention has completely replaced it. They are most commonly used in children after they had spent several week. Hip spica casts are commonly used after a surgical procedure to correct hip dysplasia in children because the hip needs to be kept in the new, repaired position. While the Spica Cast itself is not a surgical procedure, the spica cast is generally used after a surgical procedure for hip dysplasia.

A spica cast (also called a hip spica cast or body cast) immobilizes the hips and thighs so that bones or tendons can heal properly. It's usually put on in surgery while the child is sleeping. There are several types of spica casts. They begin at the chest and may extend down to cover one leg, both legs, or the leg on one side and down to the. May 24,  · The Cast {tips on life with a hip spica cast} May 24, Posted in everything else, personal About seven weeks ago we were told the news that our daughter would be soon sporting a hip spica cast.

A hip spica cast is a sort of orthopedic cast used to immobilize the hip or is used to facilitate healing of injured hip joints or of fractured femurs.. A hip spica includes the trunk of the body and one or both legs. A hip spica which covers only one leg to the ankle or foot may be referred to as a single hip spica, while one which covers both legs is called a double hip spica. Aug 01,  · My right side is in a shoulder spica cast for my shoulder and arm with a pole to support and immobilize it. I have a long arm cast on my left arm and a bilateral long leg hip spica cast on my legs. In simpler terms imagine two long leg casts attached at the top with a pole put between the ankles to immobilize Kirsten.