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Living with an Asperger Profile for Adults. Working closely and talking extensively with adults with Asperger’s, ranging in age from 18 to 83, along with their parents, relatives, and spouses, we have together explored successful strategies for addressing the challenges of Autism Spectrum differences. Oct 08,  · Adult Asperger’s: The Relief of A Diagnosis. The following are criteria for Aspergers that have been excerpted from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV): The disturbance causes clinically significant impairments in social, Author: Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D.

An Aspergers psychologist describes the characteristics of Aspergers in adults. Studies show that Asperger’s Syndrome is one of the fastest growing mental health conditions in the United States. Upwards of 2,, adults are likely to have been diagnosed with this condition, close to a % increase in the last decade. May 29,  · What is Aspergers Syndrome. People with Asperger’s syndrome tend to be higher functioning than other individuals on the autism spectrum. Aspergers in adults is typically seen as an individual with an above average intellectual ability paired with severely inadequate social skills and often an all-absorbing, obsessive interest in particular topics/5().

Dec 21,  · Aspergers in adults can be challenging just as it is for children and teens. Hence it is important to seek assistance from a support group or professional that understands the hardships faced by those with asperger and the family and friends of these people. Jul 18,  · Adults with Asperger's tend to avoid eye contact and are often awkward in social situations. In fact, there are a growing number of websites dedicated to celebrating Asperger's syndrome as an example of neurodiversity instead of an illness in need of treatment.