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Alternatives has been serving seniors aged 60 and above each year since the early ’s and has expanded to help individuals with a disability. This not-for-profit social service agency has the most experienced personnel in assisting older adults with some of the lifestyle changes they encounter. Most adults with cognitive or developmental disabilities can make decisions for themselves. They may need extra support and time to learn to make decisions. There are many alternatives to guardianship which can provide the protections a person needs.

Alpha-Stim®: A Safe Alternative for Aging Adults Our nation is in the thick of an opioid crisis. In October , the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared the situation a Public Health Emergency, citing the fact that more than Americans die each day from overdoses. Alternatives For The Older Adult. Alternatives For The Older Adult provides geriatric care management services to Moline, IL A geriatric care manager helps organize an elderly loved one’s total care needs and connects them with resources that might be useful for their situation. After conducting a needs assessment.

Public Guardianship for Adults Age 60 and Over Who Have a Mental Disability A Public Guardian may be appointed by the Probate Court for an adult age 60 years and older who has a mental disability if it finds that there is no suitable and willing family member or friend to serve as guardian and the person needs a guardian. About Us Since , Residential Marketing Concepts, Inc. has provided senior housing and care information to families and healthcare professionals under the name Alternatives for Seniors.