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May 23,  · How Much Sex Does the Average Couple Have? begin to wonder if they’re having enough sex and how much sex does the average couple have. most recent data from a nationally representative sample of Americans aged + asked people individually about the frequency of particular sex activities. In terms of vaginal intercourse 28%. Medical Daily reports that a recirculated study from the Kinsey Institute for research in Sex, Reproduction and Gender suggests that age has something to do with how often you have Kimberly Truong.

Aug 22,  · "So if one has a partner, the frequency of sex does not change a lot between age groups." "This suggests older adults have a drive or a need for sexual fulfillment," Lindau Daniel J. Denoon. • Sexual frequency did decrease with age for women, although almost a quarter of partnered women over age 70 had sex more than 4 times a week, according to the survey. Even if men and women do have sex more frequently, it doesn’t mean they are happier.

Jul 25,  · Americans appear to have the most sex at times a year, with the Russians close behind at times a year, the French at , and the Greeks at The countries with the lowest frequency of sex are Japan (37 times per), Malaysia (62) and China (69). Couples living together report having sex times per year. Dec 19,  · Every Friday on the blog, I answer people’s questions about sex, love, and relationships. This week’s question comes from a reader who wanted to know the following: “Is there any good data on how often married people have sex, on average, at different ages, or at different stages of their marriaAuthor: Justin J Lehmiller.