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rows · This is a list of banned films.. For nearly the entire history of film production, certain films have been banned by film censorship or review organizations for political or moral reasons or for controversial content, such as racism. Censorship standards vary widely by country, and can vary within an individual country over time due to political or moral change. Films such as “Romance” formed an era of French cinema which became known as “French Extreme.” Romance. Catherine Breillat is well used to being controversial. Her debut feature, “A Real Young Girl,” was banned from until , in France. Unflinching depictions of female desire and sex—including unsimulated acts sometimes.

Banned in Dallas for sexual and anti-Catholic content, prior to the United States Supreme Court striking down the ban and limiting the ability of municipalities to ban films for . Dec 18,  · While this list includes some of the more popular and talked about banned films, it is by no means exhaustive – there are countless banned films out there, and this list only scratches the surface. See what I mean below with 15 Movies That Have Been Banned Around the njwx.info: Victoria Robertson.

Religion, politics, sexual content, violence: these are the most common themes among films that are banned from release. They say that all publicity is good publicity, and indeed some films gained increased interest after being banned – people always want what they can’t have, after all. On the Author: Sophia White.