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Heavier cloth adult diapers and products are more absorbent and will last throughout the night; however, to protect the skin, it is good to change the diaper or product when they become wet. Even though cloth diapers are bulkier, many people wear them day and night. Online store for adult cloth diapers, other reusable adult briefs, plastic pants and other related high quality incontinence supplies. Buy Leak Master branded products direct from the manufacturer. Check out our monthly specials.

Adult Cloth Diapers. Both the Hook and Loop Wrap and the Contour Prefold (for a higher waist) combined with an insert make a thick and thirsty diaper that is comfortable as well as discreet, creating a smooth line. Another option is to use two inserts to create a very capable night diaper. These reusable adult cloth diapers, when used with Gary® adult plastic pants, make the perfect combination for containment of urine and bowel leakage. Our adult diapers are made from a soft cotton terry or flannel cloth that comes in several shapes and sizes (the pull-on style diaper comes with a terry inlay).5/5.

The present adult cloth diaper from Rearz is very thick and heavy duty type of product, presently available in the market. It is one of the most absorbent adult cloth diapers to use. This product is designed for night use and it has a higher rise as compared to the normal cloth diapers. Features:Author: 24onlinereview. Adult Cloth Diapers, Washable and Adjustable Adult Pocket Nappy Cover Close-fitting Reusable Diaper Cloth for Incontinence Care Protective Underwear, Suitable for Elderly Men Women .