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Sommer Antennas has been a manufacturer and producer of quality amateur radio antennas and antennas for professional use for more than 20 years. Developed by DJ2UT in Germany, our beams were first introduced to the U.S. market at the Dayton Hamvention and have been manufactured in the U.S. since Amateur VHF/2 Meter Antennas; Commercial VHF Antennas. All Departments All Departments All Departments All Departments All Departments All Departments All Departments MHz (VHF) to MHz; MHz (UHF) Quarter Wave UHF Antennas; High Gain UHF Antennas; No Ground UHF Antennas; Wide Band UHF Antennas; Glass Mount UHF Antennas.

Jul 24,  · Magnetic Loop Antennas for The Radio Operator with Limited Space pt.2 Home Made HIGH POWER Magnetic Loop. by Popeye. In part one of this series, I covered the use of one brand of commercially available, small transmitting loop antennas, also known as ‘magnetic loops’.For that article, I bought the very popular AlexLoop “WalkHam” antenna. May 29,  · One of the best kept secrets of Amateur radio antennas are either the box, or delta loop antennas. Resonant antennas cut to the exact frequency, in the middle portion of the band, and used with a tuner of sufficient size, can tune several bands. The formula used to find a full wave loop antenna is / FMhz%().

The high frequency (HF) amateur radio bands allow radio waves to travel long distances without the need for a repeater. HF antennas that are designed to operate at these frequencies come in a variety of types and configurations. eBay carries a wide range of HF antennas that will meet the needs of every amateur radio operator. Within this website, you will find antennas and RF electronics for many applications, including Military, Industrial, Law Enforcement, Commercial & Consumer markets. Examples of such are, Satellite Communications/SatCom antennas (UHF SatCom, Iridium, Amateur Radio and others), Mobile Radio, Aircraft Band and Weather satellite.