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The discussion during the workshop highlighted a number of key challenges that must be addressed when performance assessments are used for accountability in the federal adult education system: (1) defining the domain of knowledge, skills, and abilities in a field where there is no single definition. Current Issues in Adult Education. Availability. Prerequisite(s): BEC - Introduction to Adult Education. This course addresses 4 or 5 contemporary educational issues reflecting current thinking and learner concerns. Each topic is explored and discussed by participants, and there is a final project. Participants have an opportunity to.

Sep 21,  · In HigherEd, it’s important to have well-trained advisors who engage in active dialogue with adult learners about their aspirations and limitations in order to aid them in assessing various pathways to their chosen field. Platforms like Fidelis Education support learning relationship management including monitoring, coaching and Tom Vander Ark. Jan 15,  · Higher education in America retains an implicit trust and faith in our culture. It is the support of knowledge and learning. It is the gateway to good jobs and a prosperous life for many of us.. Universities and colleges have always dealt with challenges and issues particular to a time and place.

Four representative issues affecting the fields of adult, career, and vocational education are examined. These issues revolve around the following questions: (1) What career-related curriculum should be incorporated into the new basics? (2) What contributions can vocational and career education make to reducing the dropout rate? (3) How can articulated secondary-postsecondary programs support Cited by: 1. Current Issues in Education. From national standards research to the debate on Common Core, learn about the most important issues facing today' s teachers, school administrators, and parents.