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How to stop an adult temper tantrum in its tracks When people around us throw tantrums, the obvious answer seems to be that you should just cut those adult-babies out of your life. Toxic Author: Lindy. The Adult Tantrum and its Treatment. Adults can and do slip back into the mode of a child having a temper tantrum, but it is not as immediate or obvious. Unfortunately, adult temper tantrums can last for years. As indicated above, the signs are raging and destruction that are clearly harmful but don’t stop.

Keep in mind that understanding does not mean agreeing with the situation. You also should let them know that you are also hurt with their tantrums and that you could help them deal with the situation better. 3. Be Composed. To deal with adult temper tantrums, you should yourself be calm and composed or else it can aggravate the situation. And how to stop an outburst before it gets out of control. Let's Talk About Your Adult Temper Tantrums. Anna Meyer. W hen we see toddlers have temper tantrums in line at the grocery store, we feel sympathetic for the parents trying to calm them down. We’re even quick to dismiss the behavior as the “terrible twos”—no big deal.

May 19,  · Filed Under: Adult temper tantrums, intermittent explosive disorder. NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — People usually associate temper-tantrums with children, but adults are being caught now pitching a CBS New York. Jun 11,  · How to Stop a Tantrum Fast You may not be able to avoid tantrums, entirely, but you can minimize their frequency and intensity. By the editors of Parents magazine.