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Jul 22,  · INVEST IN YOUR EDUCATION, KNOWLEDGE, BUSINESS, OR RESEARCH. Statistic Brain provides millions of students, journalists, and business owners the data they need to succeed in their daily pursuits. In addition, 83% of adults simply find statistics fascinating to read. For instance, for someone born into an underprivileged milieu to parents with little formal schooling, the likelihood of being illiterate or experiencing serious learning difficulties will be higher. This is known as intergenerational transmission of illiteracy. The following are the most frequent causes of .

Oct 20,  · Of the million adults over the age of 15 estimated to be illiterate, million were women, the World’s Women report found. Women made up Author: Liz Ford. If you're looking for ways to help, Becky O'Dell, the Executive Director of Community Literacy Centers, an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, nonprofit that helps over 1, functionally illiterate adults Author: Liz Dwyer.

Apr 13,  · Adult Literacy Reading Programs. Adults with Learning Disabilities, LD/ADHD Basics for Adults, News, Teaching Adults with LD, Teaching Reading, Uncategorized. Feel free to leave a comment below regarding this article. If you have a specific question for LDA, please contact us directly. Aug 26,  · In a few of our blog posts we’ve mentioned the statistic that 32 million (1 in 7) adults in the U.S. are considered “functionally illiterate.” There have been some questions about the meaning of this mysterious term “functionally illiterate,” so I have provided something in the way of an explanation below.