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Although surgery is recommended for treating umbilical hernias, especially if they become strangulated or incarcerated, there are many options available for use at home to treat the symptoms as well as possibly prevent them from forming or recurring. Herbs such as hawthornia, shepherd's purse and lady's mantle can be used in conjunction with changes in diet and exercise routines. Natural Cures For Umbilical Hernia Hawthornia. This is a blend of herbs which has been in use in the Chinese system of medicine for a long time for the treatment of umbilical hernia. This blend of herbs contains hawthorn, litchi seeds, citrus seeds, and fennel seeds. If the use of this herbal blend is made in the early stages of the disease it.

Hello does this really work I’ve just been told I av a small umbilicle hernia. And the only way to watch it n only hurts to press petrified of surgery it’s a phobia that as sent me into depression I’m wiling to give anything a go,can you really cure this naturally . The natural treatment cure for hernia. Hunter's Natural Health is a Premium Source for Natural Organic Comfrey Poultice For All Types of Hernias. Epigastric, Femoral, Umbilical, Inguinal and Hiatal Hernia.

Aug 18,  · Likewise, if a hernia is irreducible over the long term and adhesions form, surgery may be the only alternative. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment of an advanced or serious inguinal hernia is not recommended because of the potential serious consequences to both abdominal and overall health. I didn’t know about umbilical hernia after pregnancy until after I got pregnant. After giving birth to my first child, I developed a painless thumb-like protruding on the area around my navel. At first, I thought it was normal and it would disappear within a few days.