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Autism Ontario works to support people on the spectrum and their families to reach their potential. Through positive advocacy work alongside autistic adults, professional community stakeholders and policy makers, Autism Ontario aims to collaboratively envision and create responsive services and opportunities for autistic adults. Positioning ourselves at the junctions where autistic adults and. Autistics 4 Autistics (A4A) is a collective of autistic adults, advocating for reform to Ontario’s governmental and non-governmental approach to autism funding and services. We are self-advocates — meaning that neither our parents nor service providers advocate “for” us. We are proudly autistic and united in supporting all autistics in the province on the issues.

With an estimated 50, adolescents with autism becoming adults each year, it is more important than ever that there are effective resources and services to help you with the challenges you might face. Autism Ontario is the province’s leading source of information and referral on autism and one of the largest collective Autism Services in Ontario Are Changing. Find Your Local Service Navigator for Support! Raising Money To Fund Employment and Job Search Training for young adults on the ASD Spectrum For many young adults, the.

Services for Adults with Autism. Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can live, work, learn and play in their communities when given the proper supports. Easterseals works with adults with ASD across the lifespan, encouraging them to find meaningful employment and live independent lives after leaving the school system. Some Ontario parents of children with autism say they are struggling to pay for support workers and housing once their child becomes an adult and several provincial supports they relied on Graham Slaughter.