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Mar 08,  · Palate Expander for a 24 Palate Expander for a 24 year old, Will it work? Mar 8, Palate Expander for a 24 year old, will it work? palate expanders work because the upper jaw is really two bones that are not connected together when young. At your age they are fused and thus no bone expansion can be done. Jul 20,  · Children or Adults can wear a Palatal Expander. Adults seldom need to wear a palatal expander, but if they do, then the process is more uncomfortable because adults have harder cartilage and bone tissue than children. Children often wear these devices before beginning other orthodontic treatment such as traditional metal wire and bracket braces.

Mar 11,  · i havent had any experience with adult palate expanders myself, but most of the research i have done and orthos i have spoke with say they do not make much difference in adults. though, i have met with dr. belfor (the creator of homeoblock) who says his . Mar 30,  · Palate Expander Cost. It is difficult to give an exact cost for treatment until we have examined you. Palate expanding is a procedure for children because their jaws are still expandable at adolescence. While in adults jaws is not expandable. This procedure usually costs between $1, and .

Dec 11,  · Yes, non-surgical palatal expansion is possible in adults. However, the increase in palatal volume will be greater and the gingival recession on the molars and bicuspids will be less with the surgical assist. I would consult the following open-ac. The orthodontist will then finish the procedure by connecting the palatal expanders band rings to the patients maxillary molars. Side-Effects of a Palatal Expansion. Trouble with Pronunciation - Patients who have expanders may experience extra saliva and lisps (pronouncing the letter s, t, .