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Jan 14,  · Penile massage has been used as a natural male enhancement for making the penis bigger and stronger in sexual stamina.. Studies have shown that non-surgical methods of penis enlargement do really work!. In fact, regular massaging of the penis causes the relaxation of the blood vessels, resulting in an increase of blood supply down to the penile tissue causing in powerful and . The more you execute this massage technique in a week with oil or by hand also, the better you’ll gain results. 5. Climbing The Mountain. This is yet another interesting massage technique you can try out by holding it in one hand. Then you can calmly caress the penis .

Jul 18,  · Lingam massage is a term used to describe a penis massage that allows a man to experience a whole other level of pleasure and can be deeply Jonti Searll. Mar 01,  · Follow these 5 sexy steps to giving him the penis massage (and full body orgasm) of his life. We guarantee you will NOT be sorry! How To Give A Tantric Penis Massage (AKA Lingam Massage) | YourTangoAuthor: Elle Chase, ACS.

Nov 23,  · The Benefits of a lingam massage. It is known that there are over 25 different methods of massaging and rubbing the penis, all with a specific purpose and Author: June. Jun 24,  · The Lingam (Penis) Massage: Awakening a Man’s Sexual Energy. {Adult, Nudity} Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ and the translation of the word refers to a pillar of Tantra the Lingam is honoured and respected as it is a channel for sexual energy and njwx.infos: