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Aug 20,  · Get the rabbit spayed or neutered. Getting the rabbit spayed or neutered is an important part of taming a rabbit. Rabbits that are not spayed or neutered have hormones running through their body, which in turn can make them more aggressive. Take the rabbit to a vet that works with rabbits and other exotic pets%(2). Dec 24,  · How to Tame a Wild Rabbit. If you have a common rabbit visitor in your garden or you find a wild rabbit on your property, you may want to catch him and tame him. You should know that wild rabbits do not usually become tame, even with lots 71%(7).

Oct 09,  · The Taming Process Should Be Gradual. This is the delicate part of rabbit taming. When I say taming, I don't mean you should do this with wild rabbits; it would be both cruel and stupid. I am talking about domesticated young rabbits who need to become accustomed to you, their new njwx.infos: Jul 05,  · Netherland dwarfs are the most timid of the rabbits by nature. Begin by getting close to your rabbit and giving her food. Stay still, making sure no sudden movements are made, and allow her to sniff and get used to your Open.

A naturally shy rabbit, can prove to be difficult to tame. A rabbit that’s not used to humans or has had its trust broken, can most often become a good friend if you’re patient and willing to work with it. There are no absolute truths regarding the taming of rabbits, . Lionhead rabbits are very small and compact, around 2 1/2 pounds as an adult. They come in 15 recognized varieties and colors, such as Siamese Sable, Chocolate Agouti, Silver Marten and Blue Point. Lionhead rabbits feature either a single mane or a double mane of .