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Teaching Adults How to Swim. Others say they never learned to swim and want to swim well enough to enjoy the water with their children or learn how to save their children in a water situation if necessary. Many times an adult is motivated to learn and has decided that now is the time to begin swim lessons. Oct 05,  · How to Teach an Adult to Swim - Part 2 Overcoming a Fear of Water or Drowning Discuss any possible fears related to swimming. Establish trust outside the water. Instruct your student to wade into ankle-deep water. Focus on head buoyancy. Get their faces wet. Teach them to submerge 91%(21).

May 24,  · When teaching adults to swim, two issues are key. First, adults may be embarrassed that they have not yet learned to swim and they may lack confidence in their abilities. Second, adults tend to be very analytical and concerned about the details, which can hinder mastering the basics. This is quite different than teaching children's swim lessons — kids just want to swim, play, and have fun; . Adults who can swim are safer near water, and have more opportunities for physical activity. Teaching adults to swim requires that you work past their fear and .

Each of these categories has a set of different requirements and usually requires a different approach from the instructor. When deciding to help teach swim lessons, consider the type of person you want to work with, how patient you can be, and if you want to teach the basics or the finer points of stroke .