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Teaching Reading for Older Students & Adults Individuals who experience difficulties with reading may struggle to accurately decode words, read at a slow and labored pace, skip or add words when reading, and/or have difficulty adequately comprehending what they have read. Dyslexia affects how kids develop reading skills. But it affects other skills as well, such as spelling. The most effective way to teach kids with dyslexia to read and spell is to use a multisensory structured language education (MSLE) approach. Programs that use this type of instruction are often referred to as Orton–Gillingham based Bob Cunningham, Edm.

Mar 13,  · Learning to read is usually difficult for a dyslexic person, and even in adulthood the person may remain functionally illiterate, despite no intellectual deficits. When the person can read, they might have persistent spelling difficulties. Reading comprehension may be slower for the dyslexic adult%(11). Techniques for Teaching Beginning-Level Reading to Adults. by Ashley Hager I have been teaching beginning-level reading (equivalent to grade ) at the Community Learning Center in Cambridge, MA, for the past eight years. The majority of students in my class have either suspected or diagnosed reading disabilities (dyslexia).

Become a Better Reader There is no deadline or age limit for when a person can learn to read. Research attests to the plasticity of the human brain and its ability to reshape itself in . Apr 13,  · Adult Literacy Reading Programs. I have a child that is 48 years old he cannot read he went to school at BOCES they didnt teach him to read he is now out of work because they closed down Acheive he worked there for 26 years i live near Binghamton NY Scott is in a program that is trying to help meet some goals one of the goals is reading i.