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Transgender Memoirs and Biographies A collection of transgender (primarily MtF) memoirs and biographies Becoming a Woman: A Biography of Christine Jorgensen by. Richard F. Docter. "Ru Paul isn't transgender." You're right, Brian, but he is something of a public icon, and he has some very interesting things to say about gender identity. Jun 04,  · Chynal Lindsey Biography. Chynal Lindsey, 26, was a transgender woman whose body was found in a Lake near Dallas on June 1. Dallas Police Chief U. Reneé Hall confirmed Lindsey’s death on Monday, saying that they found “obvious signs of homicidal violence” on her body.

Sep 10,  · A New Woman. Elbe likened her female transformation to being born again and an affirmation of her true nature. She was now able to live her life as Born: Dec 28, Jul 29,  · Find out more about Laverne Cox, Emmy-nominated star of 'Orange Is the New Black' and transgender-rights champion, on (), which .

Trans woman is commonly interchanged with other terms such as transgender woman and transsexual woman. According to, transgender means "denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.". This channel is a tribute to the most beautiful transgender women who every day must struggle to achieve the dream of his life.