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Jul 15,  · Hello Rescue Fans! I received a question via email about using an adult AED on a pediatric patient if there were no pediatric AED pads available. The quick answer? Yes, you can. Remember, many newer AED’s are now attenuated and read more. Before Using the AED. These AED steps should be used when caring for a non-breathing child aged 8 or older who weighs more than 55 pounds, or an adult. After checking the scene and ensuring that the person needs help, you should ask a bystander to call for help, then: 1 Turn on the AED and follow the visual and/or audio prompts.

Using child AED pads on an adult probably will not work. Child AED pads may not deliver enough energy, so they are not appropriate to use for an adult. Check the AED when it arrives at the scene. Pediatric pads should be used if the person is less than eight years old. Standard (adult) pads may be used if pediatric pads are not available. If using standard (adult) pads, do not let the pads touch. For infants less than a year old, a .

When the pads have good contact, the AED is able to correctly analyze the patient’s heart rhythm. But what makes adult pads so different from pediatric pads? Just like there is a difference between the CPR you give an adult vs a child, there is also a difference between the shock that is delivered to . An AED can be used on an adult, child, or infant. Follow the AED prompts. Place the AED near the victim’s head and power on the unit. Some models require you to push a button to turn it on, while others turn on automatically when you lift the lid. Second, apply the AED pads. Expose the chest and wipe it dry of any moisture. Apply the pads to.