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May 26,  · Young adults just set a new standard: For the first time since , one particular way of living is more popular among young adults than any other—living with their parents. Among to Young adults are experiencing traditional milestones such as getting a job, marrying and having children at a later age than their parents. One of the striking signs of delayed adulthood is the rising number of young adults who live in their parents’ home – now the most popular living arrangement for young adults.

Apr 29,  · These young adults do want to get off the parents' payroll, though. According to the survey, 75 percent of early adults (ages ) say becoming financially independent from their parents is Author: Rebecca Macatee. Feb 20,  · 5 Reasons Why Adult Children Estrange From Their Parents. Updated on February 13, Kim Bryan. quit buying the grandchildren pets without the parents' permission! to when my oldest son was in college. I thought his choice of attire was "too small" or "ugly." I blamed it on young adults not having any fashion sense. Without even Author: Kim Bryan.

This article aims to fill the gap in the existing literature by examining whether parents of young children (aged ≤5 years) report different dietary intake, physical activity, and BMIs compared with young adults without Cited by: The Affordable Care Act allows young adults to stay on their parents’ health care plan until age Before the President signed this landmark Act into law, many health plans and issuers could and did in fact remove young adults from their parents’ policies because of their age, leaving many college graduates and others with no insurance.