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Contact FUCK OFF AND DIE (Official) on Messenger. Musician/Band. With a bottle of wine i‘m ready to die I don‘t give a fuck about this empty life. Fuck Off and Die - Crescendo of Apocalypse @ Vilnius Armageddon Descends festival Followers: K. SOB/Napalm Death (Split) Studio Session Cassette (Demo) Suck Up Brain or Fuck Ya Brain? (Single) UK/European Tour (EP) I can't find anything of this band in kbps, but if you can find this please upload it! THANKS, THANKS, THANKS! In grind we trust. Responder Eliminar.

Forget the sweat box, this is the swear box, where we’ll lock you in and get the worst out of you so you’ll come out clean on the other side or dirty, at least with a dirty mouth! Anyway, enjoy! Your just a fuck. I can't explain it 'cause i think you suck. I'm taking pride, in telling you to fuck off and die. I've felt this burning in my guts now for so long. My belly's aching now to sing. I'm taking pleasure in the doubts, I've passed to you. So listen up 'cause you might miss it Tour Stop: Cher, The Revivalists, Snail Mail.

1. Telling person/animal to get the hell away from current location and die. The Hypothesis Is: Fuck Off And Die curseofbunny. Chapter 6: Porcelain Notes: cw for: puke! a non-explicit mention involving bkg throwing up. that's what happens here. also lots of emotions calloused palm rubbing the back of his neck, and he can’t do anything but sob around the heaving. And Deku knows better than to say anything, but of.