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Jan 30,  · Saline: Scrotal inflation, a popular fetish among some in the BDSM community, is the act of using a syringe to inject saline into your scrotum. The amount of saline necessary depends on the comfort level and experience of the injected: In a case study in Southern Medical Journal, a man injected millileters (roughly 30 ounces — two. Jul 24,  · A scrotal inflation is a temporary body modification that results from saline—and in some cases air—being used to fill the njwx.info: Grant Stoddard.

Aug 24,  · My scrotum is a thin sack of skin that contains part of my reproductive system. Insert a needle, add a liter of saline, and it is apparently transformed into something more rewarding. I've been Author: Fareed Kaviani. Strange Sex: The Unusual Practice of Scrotal “Inflation” After this procedure, the resulting appearance of the scrotum looks kind of like a water balloon and, I am quite certain, Join the Sex and Psychology mailing list for exclusive updates and information. Email njwx.info: Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller.

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