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Jul 15,  · If Everything Sucks For You Right Now By Jamie Varon Everything you write sucks. Everything you do sucks. You’ve resigned yourself to a life of mediocrity, because, maybe you could be the best at being average. You overanalyze. You remember Debbie back in the 5th grade and why was Debbie so awful to you? You remember all your past. Everything Wrong with Microsoft Windows Table of contents. Why Windows is dead; If everything you do on your PC is web browsing, The truth is I don't plead allegiance to any OS on the market. So, sorry, Windows 10 sucks no less than Linux sucks, it just sucks differently. So far, Microsoft has had two great modern OSes: Windows XP and Author: Artem S. Tashkinov.

Jun 20,  · The Real Reason Why Most Movies Suck Now. So what does that spell for major motion pictures in the foreseeable future? A lot of overwrought, dumb, sci-fi Author: Adam Pliskin. Aug 18,  · I HATE PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY ALL SUCK SO BAD. "Hominids parturitate like lagomorphs!" Avocado Consumer 0 Posts: 9 Why do people suck so much? by Faerie_Freakdom» Sun Mar 10, pm. Use your anger constructively. maybe you can't change everything you see that you hate - but you could change something if you tried. sitting on the.

May 30,  · That article was written in , and many of the facts are no longer accurate [such as some unemployment metrics] – so I felt such a legendary article deserved an update. This is the modernized version for I am also going to continually update this throughout , and maybe longer if it stays popular!) 50 Reasons Why California Author: Avtomat.