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The trick to Prevent a Soggy Bottom Pie Crust is? Posted by Warren. Recipe to prevent a soggy pie crust. Total added prep 5 mins Just a little more effort and you can stop juicy pie . Which rack you use in the oven can help assure a crispier crust. Baking the pie on a lower rack in your oven will concentrate heat on the bottom of the pie and help the crust crisp. The bottom crust does have to hold all of the moisture and liquid of the filling, so this is a good idea whether or not you have problems with a soggy crust.

Nov 02,  · Your pie crust should never be soggy on the bottom. Never. By. Alex Delan y. November 2, Photo by Gentyl & Hyers. A golden, shiny egg-washed pie crust can blind you. Author: Alex Delany. Jan 26,  · Got a pie with a soggy bottom? No need to panic. We have several easy, downright ingenious fixes! And when you’re done, nobody will be the wiser. In the video, you’ll also get sweet suggestions to help prevent your pie crust from ever getting soggy or undercooked again. Your pie will still be the hit of the meal. Compliments to the chef!

The escaping moisture will help prevent soggy crusts. Bake your pie in the lower third of the oven. This will allow the bottom crust to become crisp while the top shouldn’t get overly browned. Brush beaten egg white or whole egg onto the sides and bottom of pie shells (for single-crust pies).Author: Taste of Home Editors. Nov 13,  · George Clooney’s character sings in a group named the Soggy Bottom Boys, and of course this led me to thinking about questions I have received from pie makers about how to prevent a soggy bottom pie crust. Here are a few ideas that just might help you to get a nice crisp crust on the bottom of your Kate Mcdermott-Art of The Pie.