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May 30,  · There are many possible causes for a rash under the breast, including infections, allergies, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. Most will resolve on Author: Susan York Morris. Apr 26,  · A wide range of conditions can trigger a rash, and many are harmless. Rashes on the breast, however, can occasionally indicate two types of cancer. Here, we Author: Jennifer Berry.

Mar 15,  · Most breast rashes have the same causes as rashes occurring elsewhere on the body. Some rashes occur only on the breast. Causes of rash that occur only on the breast may include: Breast abscess; Inflammatory breast cancer; Mammary duct ectasia; Mastitis (an infection in breast tissue that most commonly affects women who are breast-feeding. Sep 28,  · Breast Cancer Breast Rashes: When to go to the doctor. The patient often experiences pain and itching inside the breast, and the skin may develop pitting like the skin Author: Phyllis Johnson.

Nov 02,  · You may not associate breast cancer with redness or a skin rash, but in the case of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), a rash is an early njwx.info is Author: Valencia Higuera. Jun 15,  · A look at rash under breast, heat, yeast infection under the breast, itching, pictures, the causes as well as how to get rid of it. Rash under Breast Sometimes, the skin under the breast becomes red and much irritated. This is known as the breast rash, or Author: Yousef Emad.