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You and your club. Chris, Chloe and Amy celebrate birthday in style. Harley struggles to tell twins apart. Eve, Tom and the company party at a club. Sometimes you find a winner at the club. A punk rock girl pulls Avril Lavigne. and other exciting erotic at! The first rule about Fuck Club. Don’t talk about Fuck Club. The bar was smoky and redolent with the smell of stale beer and fried onions. The poor lighting competed against the bluish haze of .

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Read Cuckold Club Rules - Free Sex Story on! “So tell me, why do you want your wife to fuck other men?” Julie and Juan looked at me expectantly. My wife. Loving WivesWife of the Club. Did he not only fuck my wife but did he cum inside my previously innocent little wife? She knew this was getting more touchy when I asked. She didn't answer right away. She looked at me as if she was begging not to have to answer. Then she shook her head yes and said she was so sorry. I HATE THESE STORIES!