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In April , I spent three days in Austin, Texas, in the company of more than 2, people, most of them women, who are deeply concerned about the problem of workplace sexual harassment. The Author: Caitlin Flanagan. Whether you're being pressured to have sex with your boss, forced to listen to foul language or slurs, or wondering whether the comment you made might get you in trouble, you'll find this information on harassment and other workplace problems you might encounter to be helpful.

Sexual harassment is a problem that has had consequences that have been around since men and women walked the Earth. In the beginning it was considered that it was not really important to people. Sexual harassment can cause problems in a workplace. It can deprive and be emotional stressful for the employee reporting sexual harassment. Sexual harassment has shown to affect a person’s physical conditions and ability to function in an environment where he or she is uncomfortable.

Nov 16,  · “Sexual harassment in the workplace is a significant occupational health psychology problem,” said APA President Antonio E. Puente, PhD. “Psychological research has offered understanding into the causes of workplace harassment, as . “I see many cases of serious sexual harassment where the victim can’t get any relief because society hasn’t deemed it a serious problem,” says workplace discrimination expert Patricia G Author: Gwen Moran.