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Apr 13,  · The need for explicit consent seems to be largely a generational issue for those coming of age after the s. Prior to that time, while by no means universally practiced, there was an implicit understanding that marriage gave husbands permission to spank their wives. Sep 20,  · So yes, he does allow husbands to spank their wives when they need it. Mark. August 9, at am Bottom line is this. If women are taught to respect, submit, and obey their husbands, and men are taught 2 love a woman with all his heart as Christ does, but yet be strong and how he disagrees with her without being a chauvinistic dictating.

Very interesting indeed the photos and stories explaining all the wives spanking their husbands,especially here in France!Like mine we have been married for 10 years now,and my wife allways likes to spank me with the French Martinet!Wich in fact is a small whip about 40cm long with it's 10 to 12 thick leather tails wich really stings your ass Author: Red. Do some wives actually spank their husbands? It is a natural "need" that they have. I guarantee if more women provided for their husbands this need, less husbands would be straying and leaving.

Jun 23,  · I have spanked my husband for years. He only has panties and a spanking, always with a bath brush, begins over his panties until I have him pull them down. I went with him for his last physical as always. This time was different. She told him he'd need an enema before his rectal exam. I thought we'd have to come back, but not at all. My husband and I came to an agreement that I would be the typical submissive wife. I’m not religious, but I’m a more naturally submissive person, and he’s a more naturally dominant man. If it were the other way around, maybe I’d be spanking him!