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Dec 13,  · Convair thus received a full scale Phase I development contract under the Weapon System concept, using the MX design as a basis, with the further instruction that the aircraft would be known as the B At this time the Convair design staff was using the name "Hustler" within the family to designate the MX; to the regret of some, the. The delta-wing CONVAIR B "Hustler" was the first operational supersonic-capable bomber of the United States Air Force (USAF). The product was designed for high-altitude flight at considerable speeds, popular qualities for early Cold War bombers intended to simply "outfly" enemy air defenses including interceptors and ground-based fire.

B at The Mighty 8th Air Force Museum in Savannah, GA. There is a B Hustler at the rear entrance facing the interstate at the 8th Air Force Museum in Savannah, GA I will provide the frame number in a couple of weeks —Preceding unsigned comment added by , 18 June (UTC) Climb performance.