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shrinking the penis - Penile Atrophy Causes - 8 reasons why your penis is shrinking

Jul 06,  · The length of your penis can decrease by up to an inch or so for various reasons. Usually, changes to penis size are smaller than an inch, however, and may be closer to 1/2 an inch or less. A Author: Daniel Pendick. Feb 11,  · Penis shrinkage is widespread as men age, but there are many other reasons why a penis may shrink: Aging. As men age, fatty deposits build up in Author: Lana Barhum.

8 Reasons Why Your Penis Is Shrinking. That’s right – your penis might very well be shrinking. It’s not a truth that a lot of men want to face, but there it is. Here are the most common penile atrophy causes (aside from a cold shower). 1. Penile Atrophy Caused By Low Testosterone. As we age, our penises get smaller. It’s just a fact of. Jul 06,  · The penis and erection quality can also be affected to some extent. Solutions For The Penis Shrinking. Now you know about the causes of penile shrinkage, we get to the interesting part, the solutions. You'll be pleased to find out that you can reverse penis shrinking and although it may take a few weeks or a couple of months, it is absolutely.

Oct 06,  · While it's not really possible for penises to gradually shrink inch by inch, it's true that due to age and lifestyle choices, your penis could potentially lose the ability to maintain a consistent Author: Sophie Saint Thomas. Feb 12,  · On average an erect penis measures about inches long with a girth of inches - but every man is different While every fella will claim they're getting bigger, the cold hard facts are Author: Andrea Downey, Digital Health Reporter.