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Cucumbers like a slightly acidic to neutral soil pH of about to , and they love heat. Plant both seeds and plants after all danger of frost. Also, allow the soil to warm and dry out some. Cucumbers are easy to direct-seed in the garden. You can also buy cucumber seedlings, but . Nov 28,  · Mature cucumbers are large, yellow and contain hard seeds; these are inedible and if you allow the fruit to fully ripen, the plant halts fruit production. So the more you harvest, the more.

Hi Lisa, I store lemon cucumbers the same way I store other cucumbers, in a drawer in the refrigerator. They are thin skinned cucumbers and they will dry out faster than regular cucumbers, so you might want to put them in a plastic bag before putting them in the fridge. Refrigerators typically have very dry njwx.info: Elise Bauer. Jul 17,  · You could do a bread-and-butter pickle and they'd be just fine. Here's the classic recipe from the Ball Blue Book. Crisp dills can really only be made from very, very fresh cucumbers (firm and picked the same day), so you need to go for a softer pickle.

You will get the freshest cucumbers when you pick them before slightly before they reach maturity. While it can be hard for a novice gardener to know exactly when that is, there are some benchmarks and visual signs that will tell you when the time is right, until you have more gardening experience. A tropical vegetable, cucumbers thrive when the weather is hot and water is plentiful. Growing cucumbers is for warmer weather: Plants are so frost-tender that they shouldn’t be set into the garden until soil temperatures are reliably in the degree range (no less than 2 weeks after the last.