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Mar 29,  · So maybe I have a special perspective in feeling horrified that we’re not allowed to use the word vagina on television. But I doubt I’m alone. Not so sure? Do these words make you feel. Sep 30,  · As Slate’s June Thomas recently pointed out on Brow Beat, there’s been an uptick in the number of vagina jokes on television this season. You can Author: Cindy Y. Hong.

Jun 27,  · The use of the word vagina has always caused cultural controversy. Use of any terms related to sexuality (particularly female sexuality) has long been banned from network television. In , comedian George Carlin created a now-famous monologue called "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.". Sep 22,  · Carly Chaikin and Jane Levy in "Suburgatory." Credit Karen Neal/ABC. Ms. Cummings has a special place in this year’s vagina-theme season, having worked on two of the shows using the BILL CARTER.

Apr 24,  · Turns out other slang terms for vaginas date back to as far as , when the first recorded use of the word cunt appeared. It was likely an English street word that came from the very Author: Gigi Engle. Oct 01,  · There are more than 20 vaginas prominently displayed all over New York City — the word “vagina,” that is. Ads for a product called the Momwasher are sprinkled on billboards near subways in Author: Cheryl Wischhover.