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my son, almost 12 months, has had white 'stuff' under his skin at the base of the head of his penis, for months. Doc has looked at it without my prompting and said if it doesn't go away by next visit (in 2 weeks) she would 'extract' it herself. she never indicated it was infection. today however, the skin appeared to be reddened and there was pus like stuff coming out of a pin head sized hole. Oct 27,  · If something doesn't seem quite right in your baby's diaper area, consult our guide. We explain the facts and solutions for six common baby genital problems.

Balanitis is an infection that can make you uncomfortable in one of the most sensitive areas -- the end of your penis and the loose flap of skin that covers the tip. It can be treated, and it’s. Thrush is a yeast infection that causes white patches in the mouth and on the tongue. Thrush is most common in babies and older adults, but it can occur at any age. In babies, it is easy to.

Sep 13,  · Early symptoms of a penile yeast infection often include a red rash and sometimes white, shiny patches on the penis. The skin on the penis may be moist, and a Author: James Roland. Call your doctor if: your son isn’t circumcised and his foreskin is stuck just below the head of his penis and won’t move, as this could cause permanent damage. Foreskin infection. This is common in uncircumcised baby boys after birth, when the foreskin is stuck in .