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Dec 08,  · The vagina (and let’s not forget the vulva!) is an undeniably impressive piece of anatomy worthy of all sorts of attention­­—for health reasons, sure, and for pleasure too.. But in , we. The Best and Worst Foods for Your Vagina The Best and Worst Foods for Your Vagina. A healthy diet affects every part of your body—and your lady parts are no exception. Author: Anthea Levi.

Mar 28,  · A former bikini waxer has revealed that the most common vagina type may not be what you'd expect And contrary to popular belief, the most common vagina Author: Becky Pemberton. Jun 27,  · The vagina is, of course, the correct word to describe female genitals. But while 'vagina' is the clinically correct term, squeamishness continues to surround the use of the word. In addition, discussion of genitals (male or female) is often considered racy or even obscene.

The 11 Best/Worst Vagina Tattoos Of All Time [Photos] by: Lisa Ford 8 years ago. share. For the record, I find none of these to be cute. These women are CRAZY! LOL (Story by buzzfeed) This Demon Monster. Protip: It is rarely a good idea to make your vagina look like a demon monster! It certainly won’t improve a career on hdsexvideo Author: Lisa Ford.