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shaved vs unshaved balls - Shaved or Unshaved??

Oct 25,  · Ladies, I know this has been talked about before. How do you ladies like us men, Shaved or Unshaved??? I love the feel of hairless balls (mine) but my wife likes the hair, so I trim but not shave it balled. I love to have my balls sucked on but it would seem that the hair would get in the way. What is your preference?:smile. Mar 15,  · Hi ladies, I myself have a set of balls that have had hair removal through laser (ouch that hurt like the dickens but well worth every penny). I noticed that when they were hairy, women avoided them but when I shaved and started removing the hairs, women (and men when I experimented on the other side) loved to suck on them.

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“Shaved or hairy is better than stubbly. When you’re giving a BJ to a guy who shaved his balls a week ago, it’s like being smacked in the face with a cactus.” —Jill, Mar 09,  · i was wondering if females like to have their guys unit shaved or unshaved? I ask this because i am assuming most guys on here are shaved because it makes doing PE alot easier.