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The standard size works for medium size cocked hats. If you wish a 4" longer tape so the tassels hang over the brim, or you have a extra large hat size, please specify a Long tape on the order form. If you wish a 5" shorter tape for use with a round hat that has narrow brims, please specify a Short tape on the order form. $10.00 Hat tie-ups. Step 1: Measure the diameter (and other measurements) of the flower pot. Step 2: According to that, you will have to cut and sow the leather-like material together. Step 3: Take the hot glue, and glue the material on the flower pot Step 4: Cut the imitation of the beaver fur.

Later, the hat became more triangular in shape, its two ends became more pointed, and it was worn with the cockade at the right side. This kind of bicorne eventually became known in the English language as the cocked hat, although to this day it is still known in the French language as the bicorne. A more likely derivation is that 'to knock someone into a cocked hat' was simply to pummel them so badly as to alter their normal appearance. Cocked hats were also worn in America in the 19th century and 'knocked into a cocked hat', despite the hat's link with Olde Englande's town criers, beadles and taverns, is actually an American phrase.

Military, Naval and Civilian hats of the era of the American Revolution or American War for Indenpendence. 1768 - 1783. Hand sewn. Geo. Franks, Hatter's hats are worn or on display at many of the premier historic sites and military museums in the USA - and internationally.