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In the Strugy Krasnye settlement near Pskov in northwest Russia, two 15 year old kids barricaded themselves inside a house, fired at a police van that came to talk sense to them, and then committed suicide. Dubbed Pskov Bonnie and Clyde, the teens livestreamed the standoff with the police to Periscope, but cut it off before taking their lives. May 27,  · Suicide Watch: Why Russian Teens Are Killing Themselves. By Daria Litvinova. May 27, Support networks in Russia for teenagers in crisis are notoriously absent. Activists fill in some of the Author: Daria Litvinova.

Jul 26,  · Russian police have suffered a major setback in their fight against the sinister Blue Whale teenage suicide 'game' with the tragic death of another schoolgirl - year-old Kristina K. Sep 28,  · A grieving mom writes her teen son's touching obituary and pleads for Iowa to do more for the mentally ill. When her son took his own life Monday, Mary Neubauer used his .

Nov 14,  · The suicide apparently had been planned beforehand with Denis speaking on the video about the best ways to spend the last day of his life while aiming at the police car. Katerina left a farewell note on what seems to be her page on Russian social network VK. “I loved all of njwx.info: RT.