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Jul 17,  · While the Salvation Army claims to have changed their ways, they have never apologized for their previous obviously harmful practices of turning away Author: Bil Browning. Jul 25,  · Salvation Army Caught Turning Away Transgender People July 25, Michael Stone Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality!Author: Michael Stone.

The LGTBQ Community and The Salvation Army - The Salvation Army National Website and one in four is homeless before turning You Can Help. $ $ $50 $25 Other. Donate Now. The Salvation Army is committed to serving the LGBTQ community through. Does The Salvation Army provide shelter to transgender people? Jul 14,  · Salvation Army rehab centre faces charges for rejecting vulnerable transgender people. after hearing of transgender people being turned away from the centers. He said: “People seeking drug.

May 04,  · Salvation Army Refuses Housing Shelter To Transgender Woman. Zack Ford Twitter May 4, , run by the Salvation Army. while 29 percent were turned away . The Salvation Army is the largest provider of drug and alcohol recovery services in the U.S., Busroe says, and it also offers shelter for the homeless, disaster relief, assistance for former Author: Trudy Ring.