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The effects of teenage drinking can be quite serious. Fortunately, teenage alcohol use is on the decline. Still, it is a problem of note, with three out of four high school students reporting that they have consumed an alcoholic beverage prior to graduating high school. Although the national stats for teen driving after drinking is still relatively low – seven percent – the number of deadly crashes associated with teen drinking is still high. According to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers, and one-fourth of those wrecks involve an underage drinking njwx.info: Charlie Claywell.

Yet underage drinking is dangerous, not only for the drinker but also for society, as evident by the number of alcohol-involved motor vehicle crashes, homicides, suicides, and other injuries. People who begin drinking early in life run the risk of developing serious alcohol problems, including alcoholism, later in . • Underage drinking cost society $68 billion in , or $1 for every drink consumed. This includes medical bills, income loss, and costs from pain and suffering. • In , 19 percent of drivers ages 16–20 who were involved in fatal crashes had a blood alcohol concentration over the legal adultCited by: 2.

Oct 05,  · As alcohol makes a teen less likely to turn down alcohol, the risk of binging grows. This drinking can create a cycle of inappropriate behavior. Worst of all, this cycle may lead to alcoholism in some teens, Faden notes. The bottom line, she says: When it comes to the developing adolescent brain, “There is no known safe level of binge 7/ The safest level of alcohol drinking for teenagers is no drinking, especially for young people under 15 years of age. But if older teenagers do drink alcohol, parents and carers can minimise the risks by providing adult supervision and encouraging consumption within the adult guideline for low-risk drinking (two standard drinks in any one day).Page last reviewed: 31 Mar