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List of memorable movie quotes from Full Metal Jacket () - Page 2. Full Metal Jacket is a war film directed, co-written, and produced by Stanley Kubrick and starring Matthew Modine, R. Lee Ermey, Vincent D'Onofrio and Adam Baldwin. The screenplay by Kubrick, Michael Herr, and Gustav Hasford was based on Hasford's novel The Short-Timers ().Music by: Abigail Mead.

Context. This line is spoken by Sgt. Hartman (played by R. Lee Ermey) in the movie Full Metal Jacket, directed by Stanley Kubrick ().. Full Metal Jacket is visionary director Stanley Kubrick's take on the Vietnam War. Like every other visionary director's take on the Vietnam War, it ain't pretty. “Gunnery Sergeant Hartman of Full Metal Jacket fame was a hard and principled man. The real R. Lee Ermey was a family man, and a kind and gentle soul. He was generous to everyone around him.

A quote from Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket" ().