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Striped bass have a preferred water temperature range of from 55° F to 68° F, and migrate to find water of these temperatures. Stripers are seldom caught if the water temperature is below 44° F. Striper peak feeding times are the half hour before sunrise and at dusk. Striped bass don't have eyelids. Sep 26,  · For the water temps, a friend and I were at Wood's Hole a few years ago on a tour. You folks should check it out sometime if you want to learn a lot about the life cycle and habits of striped bass. One of the people there said that the optimal temp for striper activity was degrees for smaller schoolie stripers, and for larger bass.

Sep 21,  · Bob Stearns' Ultimate Guide to Fish Temperature Preferences. Know the preferred temperature range of your favorite species and you'll catch more of them. Striped bass begin spawning in the spring when the water temperature reaches 60 degrees. Most spawning occurs between 61 and 69 degrees and the spawning period usually extends from April to mid-June. Stripers spawn in open fresh water where the current is moderate to swift.

The water temperatures are still perfect for striped bass and the Delaware waters are producing migratory bass. Anglers trolling the rips and in front of Rehoboth to Bethany Beach on occasion. Striped Bass Technique Edit Look for stripers in Elephant Butte and Caballo Lakes at depths between 20 to 50 feet, sometimes suspended over much deeper water. They may locate over old creek beds or channels, near sunken islands, along ridges with adjacent dropoffs, or near bridges.