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Dec 05,  · Why Some Women Love Degrading Sex. Even (or especially) if they are bold, independent women outside the bedroom. women who like to be dominated by submissive sex may seem like an excuse. Oct 12,  · Why Wanting Rough Sex Is More Common Than You Think Since then, it's been a part of my sex life." But even for women who, like Nicole, consider rough play an integral part of their sexual.

Nov 23,  · Why Some Women Love Rough Sex—and 4 Hot Ways to Try It. Hair pulling and spanking are just the start. By Carrie Borzillo. Some women like having their hair pulled during Carrie Borzillo. Apr 18,  · 62% Of Women Like Rough Sex—and These Are Their Favorite Kinks the dating website found that 62 percent of women enjoy rough sex. Occupation: Health Editor,

Dec 04,  · Short answer: Some women (and men) like rough sex. Why? Because it’s how sex is naturally had. Raising livestock teaches you a few things about life. You learn about the food cycle. You learn about birth. You learn how to compassionately end a lif. Nov 06,  · Why do some people like rough sex so much? As humans, we have distinctly different sexual tendencies from person to person. But almost everyone likes rough sex from time to time, even if they’re the sweetest, gentlest people outside of the bedroom. Where is Author: Barbara Ward.